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$19 / mo.
Billed monthly

50 credits / mo.

$69 / mo.
Billed monthly

250 credits / mo.

$149 / mo.
Billed monthly

700 credits / mo.

$449 / mo.
Billed monthly

2,500 credits / mo.

Unlimited Searches
Quick Email Finder
Verified Email Addresses
Common Connections

Find out if you have any direct or mutual contacts with your prospects
(across various social and professional networks, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google/Gmail contacts, Twitter)

Data Enrichment*

Convert any data point into rich profile information

Bulk Uploads*

Upload your prospect list (.csv file) to find emails, enrich profile information, verify emails, etc.

Export Contact Lookups as a .csv file*
Team Network*

Find out who in your team has direct or mutual contacts with your prospects
(across various social and professional networks, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google/Gmail contacts, Twitter)

Smart Lead List*

Find prospects using competing and complementary products

Multiple Users
Coming Soon
CRM Integrations
Coming Soon

Contact us at for custom plan requirements.

*feature not available during free trial

Can I try for free?

Yes, you can! You get 10 free credits once you create an account.

What is a Credit?

1 credit = 1 email lookup. You can also use credits for Data Enrichment.
When you subscribe to our pricing plan, you get credits based on the chosen plan.

What is an email lookup?

Email lookup is when you request to view email (by clicking on 'Email and Common connections' button), and email is displayed.
We charge 1 credit per email lookup. And, just in case email is not displayed, then we do not charge for it.

What if the email is incorrect?

You will not be charged if the email displayed is incorrect. We provide 95% email accuracy guarantee. Send us a mail at, and mention the incorrect email. Our support team will verify and credit the point back to you.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can! No questions asked. More details here.

How do I export my contact lookups?

You can easily export your contact lookups as a .csv file. Just click on ‘Contacts Viewed’ tab on your dashboard - it's on top right.

What if I need additional credits?

You can either upgrade, or you can buy additional credits

How do you verify emails?

All the emails we display to users are verified against a complex server verification process. Click here to read about our verification process.

Do credits roll over each month?

No, they do not. Credits do not roll over each monthly term, so use them during the month.

Do you have Enterprise plans?

Enterprise plans where your team(s) can use a common enterprise account, will be there very soon. Email us at if you have a specific requirement.

I have some specific questions.

We'd love to answer your questions. Please email us at

LeadCandy is used by CxOs, Founders, Investors, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Recruiters

I was skeptical at first, because I had heard so much negative feedback about buying lists that were just thrown together with web-scraping tools. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I got a list from LeadCandy. Not only did the list have details like company size and industry sector, but it had a laser-focus when it came to assembling the kind of decision-makers I needed to target in the Talent Acquisition space. I was even more surprised when I found the bounce rate of emails was under 4%. I will never buy a list from another vendor.

Mark Knowlton

CEO & Founder, TechScreen

The price was right, along with timing and it fit our immediate needs. I enjoyed dealing with Christie, she always was quick to respond and helpful.

Murray Galbraith

CEO, Youneeq

I have used email lists and email finder tools earlier. Email lists generally have 35-40% correct emails, and email finders don't always provide verified emails. As a result our email deliverability suffers. With LeadCandy, we got verified emails and the accuracy was over 90%.

Ranjeet Vimal

Founder, Dreamstarts

Used by professionals at 1,200+ companies